This is the time to unwind and take care of yourself a little, and that means taking some time away from your gadgets. Whether it be you’re locked up alone or with friends or family, here are some ways to enjoy your time off devices during isolation.
Social Media Detox
The best way to disconnect from the outside world is to deactivate your accounts or delete addictive apps altogether. It’s time to completely get away and take a few days off to surround yourself with family or just spend some time by yourself. Now is the best time to switch off your laptops, phones, and any other devices without having to worry too much about replying to emails or completing submissions. It’s a stressful time to be living in, so allowing yourself some time to detox will only have a positive effect in the long run. 
Learn a new artistic skill
Origami, calligraphy and card-making- there is so much out there to learn. These skills require a bit of time to acquire which is perfect for diverting your attention away from your gadgets. Invest in a good tutorial book and interest yourself in developing some new skills. Art does not always have to be the mainstream ways of coloring, crafting, and whatnot. Writing a poem, song, or story is just as valuable! 

Journaling, bullet-journaling and scrapbooking
Bullet journaling requires a fair amount of work but it’s a fun way to bring out your uniqueness. There are some excellent videos that are available online to spark inspiration. Once you have an idea, invest your time in personalising your journals! Another idea is to start scrapbooking. Grab pictures from your albums, get some stationery, and don’t forget the fancy tape! Have your friends and family narrate the story behind each photo and doodle them into your scrapbooks. There’s no better time to learn about your family history and relive some fond memories while creating your own mix of a storybook and album.
Cook… Bake… Eat
I know ingredients are a little scarce and trips to the supermarkets are less frequent than before, but eating well whilst being sensible with product usage is very important.You don’t have to go all out to make a three-course meal, perhaps just try out cooking an easy one-pot meal with ingredients at home. Get your family and friends involved as well,and try creating some of your own recipes without the support of the internet or a recipe book. You never know, you could end up making a signature dish!
Board games
It’s now better than ever to bring out those dust clad board games that have been sitting at the back of your closets. Monopoly, scrabble, cluedo – the list is endless! Designate one evening a week to spend time playing board games with your family. Don’t have any games at home? No biggie. There are so many alternatives to engage everyone with that don’t require the board or tools. Just to name a couple… Charades: Get yourself into two teams and enjoy unleashing your inner actor through a fun battle. Pictionary: You don’t need the actual board game to play Pictionary. Some blank sheets of paper, pencils, a list of objects to draw and a watch are just enough to enjoy a fun, artsy game.


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