The University of Sheffield Athletics Club’s charity run to raise money for the NHS has raised £4374 and covered nearly 5800 miles.
The club’s UKinaDay event smashed it’s £2000 fundraising target and their combined distance travelled is around seven times the length of the UK.
Charity Officer, Emily Race, said: “We want to say a huge thank you to those who took part in UKinaDay and made the whole thing possible.”
Starting at 12pm on the 17 April, the event took place over 24 hours, with over 500 participants covering 5797.26 miles.
Donations continued to pour in over the weekend and 303 people have donated so far.
Other University of Sheffield sports clubs are now also looking to raise money, including the Sheffield Sabres who are hosting a charity run to cover the distance from University to Porec in Croatia, a distance of approximately 1067 miles. 


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