The Main Event follows the dreams and aspirations of 11-year-old Leo Thompson (Seith Carr) who wants to be a successful pro wrestler. However, he finds himself in trouble water with school bullies. Things change when Leo stumbles across a magical wrestling mask, giving him superhuman powers, and somehow manages to shift his high pitched pre-pubescent voice into a bellowing cool voice. Throughout the film, Leo must learn to deal with the expectations of living his dream as a pro wrestler and the impact on neglecting friendships. 
Rated U, it’s fair to say that Jay Karas’s picture is a family-friendly kids film. The dialogue is extremely static at points, and the storyline is one which can be easily guessed within the first 30 minutes. Karas, who is most famous for his sitcoms, barely translates humour into his stunts, which themselves are clunky and clearly assisted with wirework. This is surprising given the monetary backing of Netflix. That said, this is probably to be expected at a film angled towards younger generations.
Yet that is not to say that this movie isn’t without fun. Whilst the stunt-work could be better, the comic book nature and the overdramatic wrestling moves are a surprising joy. The Main Event has the right direction to be a suitable late-Sunday afternoon watch with the family, especially if there are younger (under-10) siblings in the household. I mean who doesn’t want to see a little kid beat up a bunch of grown men?
What’s more, The Main Event is almost told as a fable, generating learning curves for people young and old, such as the importance of having dreams and aspirations but never forgetting the things that make you who you are.  
Fans of WWE will certainly appreciate some of the cameo appearances from stars like The Miz, Sheamus, Keith Lee, Bray Wyatt and Kofi Kingston, yet it’s impossible not to miss the WWE marketing ploys. The sport of wrestling certainly had better success with Fighting with my Family, which at least admitted the ludicrous nature of WWE. Unfortunately for WWE, The Main Event won’t convince many to rush home and watch WWE: Raw on a Friday night, but it’ll keep younger ones entertained.
2 stars
Image: Movie DB


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