A lot has changed since my last public update on changes to sport in the returns to play and campus. 

We’ve received the devastating news that Ponds Forge International Sports Centre’s closure will be prolonged, in addition to other external venues used by the Black & Gold community. We’ve seen the safe and efficient reopening of the gym, swimming pool and classes at Goodwin through an online booking system; we’ve even seen a Lionel Messi transfer request. 

Here are four more key updates, as we look to get back to doing what we love, as soon as safely possible. 

  1. Campus Leagues will only operate with men’s and women’s football in semester one, due to capacity constraints. This is in order to support the fitness class programme and several club training sessions moving back to Goodwin due to closure of local facilities. 

As soon as these constraints are lifted, Campus Leagues netball, squash and touch rugby will also restart, which are currently expected to operate an extended semester 2 programme. 

  1. All sports clubs this year now have an Executive COVID Officer, ensuring their training sessions are adhering to both University and National Governing Body policy, to ensure the safe and imminent return of club sport. 
  2. Virtual Sports Fairs will be split into four categories of ‘Adventure Sports’, ‘Team Sports’, ‘Individual Sports’ and ‘Try Something New’. Clubs and societies have been divided into these categories following a comprehensive consultation with Presidents. 
  3. Varsity will not take place in its usual form. Details are still yet to be worked out, but please do not expect a replica of Varsity 2019. 

At the risk of sounding like a broken record though, we are doing everything we can to guide the Black & Gold community out of arguably the biggest sports participation crisis ever. And we cannot do it without your continued support. 

If you have any queries regarding this update, you can contact Matt at sports.officer@sheffield.ac.uk


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