Covid-19 has hit a lot of things pretty hard. Almost everything, apart from the well-being of the planet, has suffered as a result of the pandemic. In particular, university life.

Sure, lectures have stumbled on online with rusty internet connections, and you can still complain about it all to your flatmates, but it’s not the same.

Especially when it comes to relationships. Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who found their match before the pandemic, or you’re just not looking for that kind of thing, looking for love has been a lot harder this past year. 

Freshers who joined in September have no concept of IC crushes, 20-minute Pop Tarts romances, or even the mistakes that can be made in the darkness of ROAR. 

With all that in mind, RAG, the fundraising group at the Student’s Union, have planned an online speed dating event for Valentine’s Day.

The event, hosted on Zoom, is for everyone, whether you’re looking for love, a new friendship, or just a fun way to spend a Monday night. 

Tickets for the evening cost £3 from the SU website, and all the money raised from the event will go to a charity chosen by the participants, which helps to fight loneliness in Sheffield. 

To make the matchmaking more accurate, each student will be given a short questionnaire to fill in when they book their ticket, including whether they are on the lookout for love, or just a friendship.

If the lack of Pop Tarts has stalled your love life, then this could be the chance for you to get things back on track.


Image Credit: Pixabay


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