Wednesday, October 27, 2021

eSports – is it a sport?

Let’s settle this once and for all. Yes, eSports is a sport. The worldwide market for eSports is flourishing. Thousands of fans fill up arenas...

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. 1-DAY-PLAY.

Nintendo could well have pulled off a masterstroke in releasing a new Animal Crossing for mobile devices. In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you are a...

An analysis of microtransactions

The microtransaction is one of the most maligned elements of modern gaming. Its mere mention in the vicinity of any major release generates Metacritic...

In conversation with White Paper Games

If there’s one feeling that sums up the first 20 minutes of both Ether One and The Occupation, it’s nostalgia.  A feeling that’s been...

The Evolution of Horror Games: A Resident Evil Retrospective

Written by Arya Damavandy The first Resident Evil (1996) was a pioneer of the survival horror game genre. In many ways the first of its...

Press Start: Retrogaming Cafe – an interview with the founder

Games Editor Chloe Dervey catches up with Dan Eaton, the founder of Sheffield's Press Start: Retrogaming Cafe.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm


Uncharted: The Lost Legacy


Demipia is a world full of horrors and darkness…

…And Forge Games chatted to the cast of the inaugural podcast series “The Mine Children” about their building online success.

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