How and when did you form the band?

Myself and Ross started writing together roughly six years ago, after being introduced to one another when we both played the same Doncaster festival separately. We have been in BBR together ever since. We started to develop a full band line up and found Richard on an online ad. We had auditioned a few other drummers beforehand, but minutes into jamming with Rich we knew he was the guy. We’ve been brothers and sisters ever since.

Who would you say some of your biggest influences are?

As much as other bands inspire us (such as Radiohead, the Beatles, David Bowie, Michael Jackson) it’s really movie soundtracks that get our creative juices flowing. We’re all massive movie fans, so will tend to take inspiration from people like Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick and Hans Zimmer. When we write, and add the musical ‘meat’ to the lyrical ‘bone’, it often transforms into a place that we imagine ourselves in, or a situation, rather than a song. ”This song feels like a man in a thick raincoat has just stepped out of his Mustang into the middle of a deserted, bitter October forest, a red light in the distance begins to glow”, for example.

What’s your favourite thing about Sheffield?

The music scene, of course, is rife right now, the times of people heading to London to seek their fortune is pretty much done. We know of a few London-based bands that we’re pals with who have actually jumped ship to ‘seek their fortunes’ in Sheffield. Sheffield has a personality, a culture that really can grab you and lift you up. It’s also hilly, ain’t it?

Are you excited for your show at Tramlines? Do you have anything special planned for it?

Our Tramlines slot in our minds has been up there on a diamond pedestal since we got the call that we’d be playing Main Stage on the same day as Noel Gallagher, Reverend & The Makers, and Blossoms (to name a few). We know the Sheffield lot love a good time, and we plan on giving them one by doing what we always do, having the best time of our lives on stage.

Do you have any smaller bands or new bands who are performing at Tramlines who you think we should check out?

We’d highly recommend you check Sheafs, Black Honey, Seamonsters and October Drift out; great bands, they all put on a show-stopping performance!

Has there been a specific special moment you’ve had while performing?

I think walking out on to the Main Stage at the IOW to something like 10,000 people. And seeing homemade BBR banners in the crowd with people screaming the words to our songs back to us. It was a moment that we’ll hold in our mental treasuries for a very long time! For John Giddings to then say that we had the biggest crowd for a Main Stage opening act in the IOW festivals history, was a ‘pinch me’ moment, amazing. We can’t thank everyone involved enough.

What’s your favourite track to perform live and why?

We’re having a blast playing our latest single ‘Shame On You’, at the moment. It’s the newest song in our set so to get to play fresh blood and get the reaction we are getting is a blessing. Then you have ‘Chemical’ and ‘Natural Born Astronaut’ that get people up in arms, we enjoy the whole set really!

What’s your plan for after the summer?

Once the festival season is over, we actually won’t be taking a break at all, and will be moving onto to debut album release plans, which we can’t wait to share with you all when the time is right. Before 2018 is out, we’ll have our debut record unleashed. We can’t wait!

Bang Bang Romeo will be playing the Main stage on Saturday at 3pm.

Image credit: Ellie Mitchell.


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