After a dreary and mundane Monday, a good perking up was absolutely needed. I wanted glitz and I wanted glam, but above all, I wanted to have a real good laugh. So on that note I headed down to the Lyceum Theatre, where I travelled back to 1980’s Hollywood, as Rock of Ages allowed me to have a fabulous peek of what musical-life was like at the glorious Sunset Strip.

The story is narrated by the hilariously crude but downright loveable Lonny (Lucas Rush), as he takes us on a journey of bringing love stories alive, playing with innuendos, and all the while picking on poor Wendy on the front row whilst seemingly improvising to make the audience roar with laughter. Set and costume designer, Morgan Large, did a cracking job at bringing the character’s aesthetics to life, as I transported back to a younger time where I’d giggled over old photographs of my uncles going through the 80’s rock phase.

We saw leather, denim and bomber jackets, tassels and sequins too with wild hair and heavy, bright make up – all very dramatic, but certainly effective. Director and choreographer, Nick Watson, did a superb job ensuring the whole production didn’t go overboard with non-naturalistic acting, striking the perfect balance between cheese and fun. This was particularly seen in the blossoming romance between Sherrie (Rhiannon Chesterman) and Drew (Luke Walsh) as they explore what growing up and moving away is all about, with all the soppy love stuff included. Both Rhiannon and Luke played very believable, passionate characters, making their duets together work beautifully but not to leave out the unforgettable finale, where we saw all the characters strutting their stuff to the beat of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey.

The onstage live band were brilliant, providing the feel of listening to a mix of Twisted Sister, Whitesnake and REO Speedwagon at a live gig. An all-round spectacular show that I’d urge anyone to take the time out from work and the library, just go and have some bloody good fun!


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