Trixie Mattel is strutting onto a stage near you this week with her new “SKINNY LEGEND TOUR”, a show for fans aged 14 and over that’s bound to be as overwhelming, eclectic and surreal, as her aesthetic.

Trixie Mattel, a US drag queen and RuPaul’s Drag Race star, has taken the world by storm – dominating Youtube with her hit comedy series with fellow drag star, Katya, called “UNHhhh”. Not only this, but she’s made her way onto the music scene with her unique sound.  As a drag queen who blends her aesthetic into country music, so far her two albums “Two Birds”, and “One Stone” have both made a commendable impact on the charts.

Her new live show promises to carry the perfect mix of comedy, uniqueness and musical performance that should be expected, she says: “You can expect virtuosic guitar-playing and hair that touches the sky. I want people to come away from the show thinking ‘you were up there’. I’ll tell you what you can’t expect – very high heels and universally funny material.”

Trixie Mattel is aware of the differences between her drag aesthetic and that of the UK: “We love to keep very in touch with the local performers when we’re on tour and I always try to go to a local show if I can. I used to lip sync at a lot of small local bars when I had more of a club style show. Victoria Secret from Dublin is the opening act on my tour and I love her.”

With this show venturing all over the UK, it’s clear that Trixie Mattel has built momentum when it comes to ascending the ladder of fame and success, she certainly has no intention of slowing down. She’s even collaborated with Sugarpill to create a unique makeup palette that encompasses her brand.

In regards to her future prospects and what she plans to do after this, she says: “This year, I’ll be launching a cosmetics endeavour. I previously worked as a makeup artist for five years so I’ve always been very interested in the technical side. I’ve been heavily involved in every step from working in the lab to choosing the packaging. Nobody uses and abuses makeup like drag queens – if I can’t get blackout drunk and fall off the stage in it, then it’s not worth it. There’s also going to be a Trixie Mattel documentary, so stay tuned for that. The crew followed me for a whole year, including my national tour in the US, launching my album and filming The Trixie and Katya Show. There’s even footage of me naked in the shower!”

Catch Trixie Mattel on her Skinny Legend UK tour at O2 Academy Sheffield on Tuesday 26th February. Tickets available from

Image: Nathan Katnoria Academy Music Group


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