Shaun Perryment interviewed bassist Lower Than Atlantis’ Dec Hart, ahead of their upcoming UK spring tour. They are playing at Plug on 14 May.

Are you excited to get back on tour?

Yeah I can’t wait. We’ve just been writing stuff recently, so it will be sick to get back on the road! My favourite part is probably the shows, the rest of the day you just spend filling your time with whatever you have to do. That’s why we are there, for the show. It’s a reward at the end of the day.

What would you say your least favourite part of tour is?

After the show. It’s coming down from what hopefully would have been a sick show. You don’t really know what to do with yourself.

Best city to play in?

London is obviously always a good show, but we aren’t actually playing London on this tour. We are doing Watford though, which is kind of the band’s home town. Birmingham is pretty good too; everywhere is good for their own reasons.

From your most recent record Safe In Sound, what’s your favourite song to play live?

Definitely ‘Had Enough’, because we’ve been opening with that since it came out. It’s a sick song to start a set with. It probably won’t be starting the set on the upcoming tour because we like to switch the set list up. If we get bored with the set list, I think it shows when we play. For the first time ever we are making a conscious effort to play something from every album, just to make sure its balanced really.

Are you pleased to have Milk Teeth and Boston Manor joining you on tour? Did the band have influence over who you wanted to bring on tour with you?

Yeah definitely. We just wanted a couple of UK bands that were of a similar ilk. Sometimes we go a bit weird with supports if we pick them ourselves, so that doesn’t always work as well. But I think these two are in a similar situation to what we were five years ago, so it’s cool to bring out some new, fresh-faced rock bands from the UK.

Have you been in the studio recently?

We aren’t working on a new album yet because it’s way too soon for that, but we’ve been in the LTA studio working on a new track, which will probably be out at some point before the tour, if not during it.

Will we be seeing you on the festival scene this summer?

We are doing one that I know of, but I can’t say yet. Then there will be some across Europe, maybe not so much in the UK, we don’t do too many in the UK these days, we just do few good ones. We’d rather play the rock festivals because we know the show is going to be good and that’s where our main fans are, but I don’t really know yet to be honest.

What are your thoughts on the current Reading and Leeds line up?

I saw so many people kicking off about it. It’s not that rock music isn’t at the forefront of UK popular culture, it’s more that there’s no newer bands pushing through that are capable of doing what the artists who headline the stage can do. That gives us more fuel to be one of the bands that are pushing through. Going back to the actual line up, I think it’s sick. I saw Kendrick Lamar at the O2 the other day and I think it’s cool to mix it up a bit, and the fact that people are talking about it means they must have done something good.

If you could work with any artist in the future who would it be?

That’s a hard one. Maybe someone to help us produce an album who could give a different angle to LTA, like Tom Delong. That’d be a weird one, a weird production vibe, but then with a pop structure I think it’d be cool.

A few quick fire questions

North or South?

You can’t quick fire that, my girlfriend is from the North! I’m going to say North, because I reckon shows are probably better up North.

Beer or cider?

Beer, definitely.

Arctic monkeys or Pulp?

Arctic monkeys.

Vinyl or streaming?

I’m going to go for streaming, because that’s what I do every day.

Live or studio?

At the moment, I’d say studio.

What will you be asking for in your rider on tour?

Health food and whisky, which I used to hate and I like it now – but no Jack Daniels!


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