On behalf of Forge Press, I would like to apologise for the language used in the “Tinder Gets Political” Opinion column which featured in the last issue of the paper (15/11).

Forge Press in no way condones sexual harassment and recognises that this includes unsolicited sexual messages, on dating apps or otherwise. Forge Press also recognises that sexual harassment in this form is never acceptable, regardless of the sexuality of those involved.

For those that have requested context, the language used in the message was done so in response to content of the individual’s bio. The Opinion Editors chose to omit this context as they felt it may identify the person they were communicating with. We regret this decision and apologise for any offence caused.  The message as it appears in the paper comes across as unsolicited and should not have been printed.

Forge Press would also like to apologise for any unsatisfactory responses received when complaining about this incident. Our complaint process is currently being reviewed and those who responded to complaints have been briefed on this.

Personally, I would like to thank the people that have been in contact. Forge is a paper for all students and we openly take criticism and suggestions as to how we can represent you better.

Any further problems or questions, or if you would just like to discuss these issues, please contact me at luke.baldwin@forgetoday.com

Luke Baldwin

Editor in Chief


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